Inspiration flow in our new showroom in Prague

It's our first showroom you can enter right after you leave the boat and step ashore. This is what makes it special. But there’s more waiting for you once you come in! See the inside of our new showroom in Prague, in the trendy facility known as DOCK IN, right on the bank of the Vltava river.

DOCK IN is a multifunctional complex whose creation was widely commented on the real estate market in Prague. It includes more than 120 000 m2 of office space, as well as commercial premises and living area. It is an example of a facility designed in line with the new idea known as a 15 minutes city – where all you need is within reach. In DOCK IN you will find apartments, offices, restaurants, shops, service points, entertainment facilities or kindergartens. There is also the Nowy Styl showroom. We would kindly like to invite you to visit it at your convenience.

Office full of life

The project followed the idea of a living showroom. It involves creating a fully functional workspace for sales managers and architects. This is why we focused on their everyday needs rather than the wish to come up with a typical exposition, which would in fact be creating art for art’s sake.

"While designing this place, we knew we would not be displaying our furniture only as elements of an exposition. Instead, we came up with a living office divided into activity zones. We hope it will be a source of inspiration for our clients, who can see how to arrange a space that not only supports focus and communication, but also reflects the latest trends in design. Plus, the choice of modular furniture systems means we can easily rearrange the interior in line with the restrictions and requirements introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic."  – says Petr Spacek, commercial director and Alina Fandelová, architect for Nowy Styl Czech, are in agreement on this point.

Industrial warmth?

The industrial style features light, open space, raw finish and cool colours.

"We wanted to see how raw elements of design form a contrast with warm textures and colours. Industrial warmth. If we were to go by the opinions of our first clients, who visited our showroom, we could say we successfully combined these two worlds. This is how we created a unique space with an open, industrial ceiling, walls in natural colours and warm wooden wall finish and furniture – says Yana Payanovskaya, the architect and author of the interior design.

Challenges: reduce noise in open ceiling office

Large open spaces with an open ceiling often pose a challenge as regards sound absorption. “Indeed, because of the industrial ceiling we had to spend more time than usual discussing acoustic solutions. Our portfolio includes numerous products with superb noise-dampening qualities. For this project we chose acoustic wall panels - hanging or standalone - and additionally we included lots of plants, so as to make the space even more comfortable. These accessories also have a significant aesthetic value.” – adds Yana Payanovskaya.

Czech it out

While designing showrooms all over the world, we try to include a hint of local vibes in each of them, to make the whole place authentic and rooted in its culture and surroundings.

“For the Prague showroom we used Bomma lamps, which elevate the traditional Czech glass-making to a brand new level. We also wanted to make a reference to the name of the Palmovka district, where this showroom happens to be situated. That’s why you will notice wallpaper with a palm tree motif on one of the walls. Plus, we threw in a few live palm trees, which are also an element of biophilic design.” – says Alina Fandelová, the architect and co-author of the interior design.

Why is it worth visiting the Nowy Styl showroom in Prague?

  • Unique location and easy access from various parts of the city – you can reach us by car, tram, underground, by bike or... by boat.
  • A space full of office inspirations – come and see the latest furniture solutions designed for various activity zones.
  • Office zones in practice – we will tell you why we decided to arrange and divide the space the way we did. Every detail matters and nothing is left to chance.
  • A paradise for architects – the architects can enjoy the whole design zone, including a large project table and a wall with finish templates, where you can mix and match, test and try, and be inspired – or just have fun playing with colours and textures.
  • A team of experts – a single place to meet with the whole design team, who are more than willing to help you arrange your own office space.